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Thorns Of Strong Roots In This Life Complimenting Written
Announcing The Transference  Of My Shares Into My Companies Because Nobody Else
Is Doing What I See Is Needed And Are Using My Shares For Evil Deeds
Gifted Intuition
February 3, 2013
My Discoveries To Stop Sudden Death Syndrome
And Of What Is Causing These Horrible Occurrences
Life Values
March 10, 2011
Trying To Put Perspectives Into Proper Placing
So That The Bad From The Past Doesn't Keep Happening
Researches By Lala
Lala's Page
December 31, 2010
The Truth Is Written In The Hills Of Those Who Took While Others Stood For Our Country
That Never Got To Be What It Was Planned Out To Be
Look Up On The Net Other Maps Of New Vrindaban And See
The Names And How The Number Of The Road Below The Land Bhaktipada Alotted To Me
Shows The Truth Of The Number Of Presidency
Planned By The ForeFathers & ForeMothers For Me To Take My Seat
Yet I'm A Real Person So The Thieves And Fake Representatives Must Leave!
The Multitrillion Dollar Love Affair
This is a true story and is in honor of the lives of many souls that gave so much for The Temple Of
Understanding. The money and gold that were stolen have become part of a multitrillion dollar
scam from the last century that carried over into this one. I want to make amends and turn negative
to positive once again. This is the decade that turns this story into a multitrillion dollar love affair.
It’s the one where we really do bury our mistakes from the past and create a better future
Remember, I Said As I First Danced In
With Great Demands And Grace –
I Want To Race!
I Brought Jobs Back To Michigan Per Request Of Residing Families
Now The Toxic Messes Left From In Dust Realist Needs To Be Cleaned Up
To Correct The Hurt And Pain They Have Inflicted On And Infected And Injected Into Us
But Truth Be Told Hope Is A Hamster From A Science Class Named After A Days Of Our Lives Actress
And Now Since 2011 Michigan's Water Has Become A Total Toxic Mess
I Tried To Warn Everybody That My Land In New Vrindaban Is Connected To All Earth's Meridians
So Please Tell Me How Any Profiting Can Be From The Murdering Of Ours And Yours Families And Friends
No Guts No Glory
Written March 6, 2011 After I Researched And Found The True Stories
Of How 99.9999 Percent Of The Auto Shares Belong To Me
And Since Ram Took The Guts And Glory And Blew The World To Smitherines
To The Future Big Boys
May 3, 2011