The Queens' International Energy Bridge -
QIEB  Was Proposed To Support & Save Detroit
IEB Is For Supporting The People, Their Businesses & Communities
Tunnels Of Love Program
Attempting To Free Displaced People And Provide Safety
Don't Forget To Always Look Up Before The End And At The Beginning
It Is In The Light At The End Of The Tunnels Where We Will Find True Harmony
Hydro Blast Splash Program

Splash Flash!!!
Due To Current
Changing Conditions
We Need To Start Eliminating  
Combustible Explosives And Replace Them
With Water, Seeds And Soil To Help The Earth
And The Residents That Live Here!

Remember Even Water
May Cause Harm To The
Weakened And Not So Strong!Weakened And Not So
Splash Blast!!!

Splash! Splash!!! Splash!!!!!

IWE's Projects
©International WaterWay Enterprizes LLC
All Rights Reserved Eternally!
©International WaterWay Enterprizes LLC
All Rights Reserved Eternally!
Arts In The Parks
Presented To Support My Proposals For Detroit