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Shale SeaSawing
Written By Lala
January 2, 2013

Bringing Up This World Is Just A Faze
Started To Increase Lack Of Prosperity
By Pocket Padders In The Mode Of Ignorance
Standing Overcome With Greed Promising & Waiting
For The Lord’s Gifts Sent To Start Profiting
Moving In With Lies And False Pretence
To Fake A Stage That Never Shows Real Net Or Real Gains
And Steals The Faith That People From The Lord Have Given
Erasing All Sights Of Hope For Futures Worths Of Livings
By Gathering Around Kissing Valleys With Impersonal Meetings
That Cost Us All And Carry Over No Yule Tidings
Never Even Fostering Any Type Of Helpful Greetings
The Due Time Altering Our Lands Homes And Businesses Only For Borrowing
Has Sent Our Families Into More Than Grieving
In Fact This World Is Set To Rise For This New Beginning
That Starts By Everybody Waking Up And Decreasing Their Sleeping
So They Can Think Properly Again And Not Be Fooled By Unrealistic Miscreants
Take Hold Of Your Minds And Dutiful Actions
Take Hold Of Your Souls And Karmic Reactions
Take What Is Yours From Birthing Through Aging
Take Hold Of The Time That The Great Lord Is Gifting
Take Hold To Provide For Our Families And Create Fair Livings
Take Hold Of What Is Left And Invest In New Beginnings
Take Hold And Provide For The Youth Of All Ages Religions And Organizations
Rise Up And Take Hold To Free Our Selves And Our Properties
From These Inhumane Means Below That Of Slavery
Move On From The Negativity And Repeat The Best Of Memories
Do As Henry Ford Promoted And Support The Forty Hour Work Week
Because When You Put In Any More Than Fifty Three
It Means You Are Working Almost For Free And For Uncle Sam’s Vacationings
And Are Being Used For Your Dutiful Devoted Dedication
And This Is Where FORD Picks Up The Tab For Centuries
Year After Year Decade After Decade
Standing One Step Back To The Previous Going Nowhere Doing Nothings
Repeating The Same Mistakes With Only Names Changing
At The Most Put In Forty Eight To Come Out Straight
But Fifty Four Or More Is Merely Slave Labor Once Taxes Are Paid
Or Below Those Means Because Of Unfair Taxing Appendages
Being Unlawfully Established Through Unfair Advantages
In Existence Only From Wrongful Campaign Funding
Used To Start Up Businesses Only To Create Destruction
Like The Fake Company That Was Started Up To Stop My Sweets 1117 In South Carolina
That I Hereby Now Do Publicly Protest And Proclaim
The Unfairness Of These Disastrous Decisions And Wrongdoings
That Are To Start Up Companies Improperly Categorized
To Hide The Facts Of The Toxic Effects Being Improvised
That Prevent Real Intended Businesses From Competing With Healthy Options
As Of Such I Proposed To Use For Growing Natural Fruits And Vegetables
Sweets 1117 SC Already Actually Belongs To Me
Take A Look Back In The Bank Records And See The Truth Of The Sweets Of The 1920’s
My Shares Are There And Have Never Decreased And Are By Far The Sweetest Of Sweet
Why Is There A Problem With Me Providing What Is Really In Need
To Help Stop Our Families From Eating Things That Cause Insanity
Like That Of The Fruits Coming From The Middle East And Egypt
That Are Tainted With The Bloodshed Of The Innocent Victims
Of The African Holocaust That Started In 2010
That Was Actually Continuing On From Decades Ago Plus Three
And Are From The Same That Meet That Build Up Expenses That Are Extreme
This Summarizes The Research Conclusions Of Betty Hickey And Me, Lalasamayi,
Which Will Continue On In My Fungal Fun Guys Writings
Of What Is Causing The Viruses In The Bogs That Retains In Peat
That We Use Each Year For Starting Seeds
That Was First Acknowledged By Betty And Me In The Middle Of The 1980’s
When Betty Produced Award Winning Rose Gardens For The Palace Of Gold Honourings
Her Struggles Became A Teacher To Me
As I Watched Her Battle Off Black Fungi Molds Pest Viruses Blights And Disease
Just To Produce The Best Roses For Radha Vrindavana Chandra’s Offerings
And For The Guest To See The True Beauty Of God’s Love In All He Creations
Roses Need Lots Of Sun Light And Proper Ventilation
Just Like Us People As We Work Play Dance And Sing
Roses Bloom Best In The Middle Of The Summer’s Sun Shine
And A Rose Garden Fades In Color As Dryness Sets In
So We Would Plant A Border Of Marigolds Or Blue Ageratums
Far Enough Away From The Roses To Still Let Fresh Air Circulate Through The Branches
Some Marigolds Turned Brown With A Type Of Blight Or Disease
Thought Then To Be From Materials That May Not Have Been Completely Clean
From Years Of Seeing That The Problem Begins From Within
Perhaps Being In The Planting Material Where The Seeds First Begin
Carrying On In Viruses Farming Parasites Causing Fungi And Lack Of Disease Resistances
That Are Transmissions From Deteriorating Bodies That Contain Iron
Sucking Dry Leeching Out Immunities And Spreading Through The Land Water And Sky
Turning Rusty In The Shadowed Reflection Of Sun Shine
Is The Truth Of The Millions Of Souls Last Year Slayed
As Was The Same Truth In Previous Holocaustic Decades
Which Also Correlates With My Asbestos And Cancer Discoveries
Because This Shows What Where When Who And Maybe Even Why
Our Bodies Are Blind To Elements Straight In Front Of Our Eyes
Just As It Is Still The Same As Years Gone By Previously
With My Ownership Of Shares Topping Every Cent
And On Top Of Each And Every Cent I Want To Truly Express
My Sincerest Deepest Honours And Respects
For All Of Those Great Souls So Hard At Working
The Grand Awards Go To All Of You For Simply Living
And For Doing As God Has Planned Even From The Beginning
That Through Life We Somehow Collaborate Some Just Reasoning
That Brings Us All To Realize Our True Meanings
For As Kirtanananda Swami Bhaktipada Preached Continually
That Was Taught To Him By A.C. Bhaktivedanta Srila Prabhupada Swami
Achincha Bata Bata Tattva
Just As We Are All One And Indifferent With The Lord Simultaneously
So Are My Shares That Have Been Used Worldly
The Gains Never Cease To Be And Never Decrease
Even The Shale The Sea And The Sawing Is Part Of The Complete
For All Is Part Of The Whole And Never Ceases To Be
For All That I Own And All That I Love Prevail Eternally
Just As The Lord’s Love That He Has So Blessed To Everybody
And Even In My Intentions To Right The Wrong With My Presidency
The Truth Of All Can Only Be Seen
When All Are Given Credits Earned Due To Appreciations
And Are Awarded Fair Exchanges Shown By Recognitions
Otherwise It’s Up On Top Of Dick’s The Third Thursday Months After Thanksgiving
To Celebrate The End Of The HardLines That We Once Assembled
That Brought Together The Softlines That Fostered Our Preambles
There’s No Use In Shedding Tears On My Shoulders This Year
Because Now It Is Clear As That Fake Energy Called Nuclear
That Actually Only Releases Chemical Combustibles Into Our Waters
And Has Never And Will Never Be The Source Of Clean Energy
Because It Is From The Toxic Messes Made From The Same Industries
That Start Up The Companies To Promote Fake Energies
That Are Actually Only Toxic Waste Incinerators In The Third Degree

May This New Year Procreate Healthiness Happiness And Harmony

With Love Always

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