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Diamonds & Designs Of Love LLC  
©Diamonds & Designs Of Love LLC
All Rights Reserved Eternally
The Glorious Gold Of God’s Love
November 15, 2012
Written By Lala

My Dear Lords Of Life Love Faith & Peace
I Am Hoping To Someday Add Joy And Happiness
And Smiles To All The Holders Of God’s True Properties
Working Hard Each Day To Support Our Families
You All Are The True Rulers Of God’s Dynasties
As You Raise Your Flags On Our Ships Sailing
I Entrust With You My Coat Of Arms’ Ancestries
That Hold The Truth That The Gold Holds Disease
Captains Lieutenants & Leaders Of The Lands Sky & Seas
Provide Proper Protection And Cover Your Personnel Please
Take Hold Of What God Has Gifted To Me
And Lead My Values To My Love Of Siberia To Freeze
So That Processing & Handling Is Secured Properly
And Fair Distribution Will Be Made With Sheets
That Will Be For Earth’s Residents Teeth
And For The Lord’s International Cities Of God Facilities
“To Learn How To Love God
And Not Just What He Sends”
As Kirtanananda Swami Was Aways Willing To Teach
As In A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada’s Translations
And Is The True Gold That God Granted To Earth’s Populations
To Help Provide Safety Efficiency and Sustainability
For The Generations Of Traditions From Lines Of Heritages
My Dearest Kings With The Dearest Queens Of Life’s Truest Beauty
Take Hold Of My Properties And Contain Them For Me
Because You All Know What Happens With The Trampling Of Feet
From Contaminated Sources Of Pigs Rats And Thieves
You The True Kings That Hold The Keys Of My Belongings
Take What Is Needed To Foster The Love Of Our Families
After The Proper Preparations Are Performed
As I Have Let Known To The Top Auto Baron
That Has Been Handed The Keys From All Of God’s Seas
And Knows How To Put First Our Families Safety
Giving Back To The Lord To Serve Everybody
To Provide Structural Strength That Supports All Well Being
Of All Of God’s Living Entities

God Bless You All With The Best Wishes Ever
And From Kirtanananda Swami Bhaktipada
“May There Be Peace In The Heavens…
May There Be Peace On Earth...
The Good Lord Is Peace…Peace Peace Peace…
May Peace Be With You...
May The Good Lord Be With You Always”

Love You All Always
©Lala All Rights Reserved Eternally
With Love Always
Double Dealing Duels
Written By Lala
November 26, 2012

My Dearest Dutiful Dedicated Devoted Crews
Visions Of Deceptive Duties Denounced My Snooze
With A Pair Smoking With Untold News
Contemplating Safe Airways & WaterWays For Who
The Future Of All Squanderings Operations So Smooth
For The Old British Way For Thrice Interpreting Black Widow
Would Be For A Choice Of A Fool
Because Of The Ads There Ministering Rule
Don't Let The Marred Mistress Go Through
Looking Towards I Re Land Is Risky Too
Oh Aye Mighty Mates Jackson Waits For All Of You
To Stop The Theft Of God’s Glorious Jewels
Lift Up Lord Siva Now With Lord Visnu’s Eye True
From The Deceptive Doubles Taking All From Our Youth
In The Shipments Of Apple Deals Zapped In Spring Cruel
Now Slicing Dutch Pie For A Piece Of The Lord’s Eye
Is Not What My Shares Are Meant To Do
My Dear Mighty Mighty Mates So Many So Few
Take Hold Of The Lord’s Resources By Daylight's Dew
And Shift To Siberia's Far East Sky & Seas So Blue
To Give Back To Earth's People So True
And To All May God Be With You Always And Bless You

Love You All Always
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