Diamonds & Designs Of Life LLC  
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Diamonds & Designs Of Life LLC  
©Diamonds & Designs Of Life LLC
All Rights Reserved Eternally
With Love Always
Diamonds & Designs Of Life LLC
Written By Lala
Diamonds & Designs Of Life LLC
Came About From Thinking Of What This World Really Needs
Seeing The Losses Of Many A Great King
Picking Up Bits And Pieces To Put Back Together Again
Shows The Truth Of Knowledge Of How To Love God Is Missing
From The Dealings Of Those That Act Misinterpreting
That Are Destroying The Lives Of Every Country
And Is Holding The World Financially Hostage
Causing Cries That Wave Through The Winds From Not Caring
Voices With Desires To Me Always Sharing
Worth More Than Earth’s Diamonds The Designs Of Life Gifted To Me
Along With Love Faith And Peace All In Form Of LLCs
Presented With Sincerity True Intentions Of Good And Integrity
Continuing With Spreading Healthiness Happiness & Harmony
In All The Work That We Do And Wherever We Play
In Every Breath We Take In Every Word We Pray
May We Honour With All Wealth Healthiness Happiness & Harmony
That Are Meant For All From The Beginning
Holding True Desires Of God’s Love We Are Blessed With Today
The Diamonds & Designs Of Life Love Faith & Peace Portray
The Lives That Should Be Living Fairly
That From Jogging Around During Years Of A Heavy Freeze
From A Book Comer Sprang The Letters D & D
Side By Side Kissing Each Other Lovingly
Such A Strong Attraction
No World Could Separate
Only Left With Fragments And Clippings
Inside The Pictures Of The Once Living
Now Turned Into Articles From Past Royal Dynasties
The Treasures Duplicated Into Something Anything Worth Fostering
To Bring To The Light Of God Just Questionings
That Are There In The Dust And Dawn Waiting
For The Truth Of God’s Love To Claim
For It Is To The Lord Who Creates And Awards All Fames
To Consider The Cost Of What Are Real Gains
Once All Is Washed From His Panes
Together With Love We Remain
To Rise Up From Shame
With All We Love
To Sustain

With Lots Of Love Always,

©Lala All Rights Reserved