Diamond Of Life LLC  
©Diamond Of Life LLC
All Rights Reserved Eternally
Diamond Of Life LLC  
©Diamond Of Life LLC
All Rights Reserved Eternally
With Love Always
Diamond Of Life LLC
Written By Lala
November 16, 2012        

Diamond Of Life LLC Was Created To Give Back Dignity
Although Some Must Have Misread My True Intentions
And Thought I Meant To Dig Nets Eternally
The True Intentions Of Diamond Of Life LLC
Are To Honour All Of The Lovely Ladies
And All That They Love Through Life And Giving
To Provide A Future That Guarantees
Protection Safety Efficiency And Sustainability
The Same The Auto Barons Promised To You & Me
Life With Lots Of Happy Families
Living Healthy & Joyfully Eternally
With Love From God Above
Sri Sri Radha Krishna
For A Mothers True Love For Her Child
Is The Only Form On Earth In Comparison
To The Love Radha & Krsna Share In Vrindavana
That This Same Love Congregated To The Fisher Mansion
And As Whispers Travel Through Time In This Kingdom
Auto Barons Ruled Now By Indians
Or So Radha & Krsna Have Them Believing
Whilst At Work And At Play
The True Owner Rises From The Window Securing Rightfully All Panes
Now Sees Clearly The Ashes Washed Away
By The Lord’s Glance As Offsets Swindle And Sway
The Diamond Of Life City Of God Rises To This Day
For This Love Is What Has Saved This Earth For Many Decades
Yet Is Known Only Through The Whispers Of The Lovely Ladies
As They Sway Those Childbearing Hips And Play
With The Love We Are So Fortunate To Maintain
Offering All To The Future Generations
With God’s Will Learning True Strife
And Now Know That All Love Lives Eternally In The Diamond Of Life

Love You All Always
©Lala All Rights Reserved Eternally
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