Cries For Peace
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With Love Always
*Writing The Right*
Stop The Idiotocracies
I Am Presenting Openly And Publicly
Yet My Love For God And His People Have Been Forsaken By Thieves
Along With My Resources Ideas Shares And Discoveries
My True Intentions Are To Generate For Centuries
Healthiness Happiness & Harmony For Everybody!
Below I Have Listed Some Of My Writings
That I Presented In Desperate Times Previously
If At All Offending Please Be Forgiving
These Are Attempts From Me Before Knowing
The Truth I Know Now About Plans Of Destroying
The Entire Populations Of Human Beings
Except For A Few Greedy Pigs
That Deserve Less Than Nothing
Still The Lord Created All And Is Always Caring
He Distributes His Love And Knowledge Fairly
To All That Are Fortunate In Believing
May Lessons Be Taught From My Learnings
So That Holocaustic Events Stop Reoccurring
Please Forgive Me For Lack Of Knowledge In Religion & Governing
I Am Just An International Mama On A Mission From God
That Was Handed To Me From Kirtanananda Swami
On Behalf Of His Spiritual Master From India
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada
Who Came To America To Save Everybody Indiscriminately
With The Knowledge Of True Love Of Radha & Krishna
By Dancing Chanting And Preaching The Glories Of God
Thanks To All Continuing On With God's Love

With Love Always
©Lala All Rights Reserved Eternally
I Am The Only Person I've Found Qualified To Control & Handle My Shares & Discoveries
These Last Few Years Have Proved To Me That All Others Are Just Too Greedy
And Only Falsely Claim Gains And Fame That Belong To All Living Entities
The Truth Is In The Actions Of Those In Authority
And How They Took My Plans Leaving Me In Debt Stalked By Credit Card Companies
To This Date Of November 25, 2012 I Have Not Been Paid Even One Cent For Anything
Yet The Misuse Of My Proposals Ideas Discoveries Etc... Are Still Happening
It Goes From My Q
IEB Energy Bridges
To My Build It Here, Ship It There; Anywhere Presentations
To My Accounts From The Last Decade All The Way To The Utility Companies
To The DOT Military Coast Guards Online Net Operations
To All Of The Religions Governances Industries
And It All Stems From Family Feuds Like The Hillbillies Told Me
That Have Been Going On For Centuries And Continue Today At Full Speed
As We Can See With America's &Eurasia's Spats With Trusted Matrimonies
The Question Is Why Are My Resources And Shares Being Used For Such Things
That Spread Ignorance Madness Lust Anger Illusion And Greed
When Building 108 International Cities Of God For Each Continent Is What This World Needs
And Is What I Am Using All That To Me God Has Gifted
For It Is All Meant For The Glory Of God And To Uplift Mankind With

With Love Always
Or At Least What I Have Written In My Searches
In Attempts To Right Wrongs From The Past That Are Hurting Us
It Is A Shame The Way We Are All Being Used Through Database Updates
All Of Our Rights Writings Discoveries Being Put Into False Imaging
That Is Done By The Companies That Actually Do Not Own The Internet
Because We Already Paid Through It Through Our Military Investments
And Should Be Free To All U.S. Citizens
With Those Companies And Industries Paying Us For Using It
I Should Have A Check Coming In Every Day From My Investments
Since All Of It Is Replications Of Kirtanananda Swami's Dream Intentions
As He Has Written In His Book A Devotee's Journey To The City Of God
And Then Since He Was Beaten Raped Robbed Half Blind And Run Off To India
While Unrealistics Falsely Claim What Is Not Theirs And Is Really His
And To This Day Even Try Claiming What He Blessed Me With
Shame On Those That Have Stolen From The Building Of The Temple Of Understanding
Life Values March 10 2011
Cries For Peace
Diamonds & Designs Of Peace LLC  
©Diamonds & Designs Of Peace LLC
All Rights Reserved Eternally
Srila Prabhupada
Gave Us All We
Ever Need!
Why Has Greed
Taken The Lead?
Time To Take Back
The Lead!
Srila Prabhupada
Must Hold A
Special Place In His
Heart For All Of
You That Have
Stolen His
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