IWE's Coins Of Consultations Price Rates

I Have Been Told Many Times
That We  Should Never Put A Monetary Value On Laxmi Devi
IWE's Consultations Are Meant For Helping And For Uplifting Everybody
Do Not Abuse This Priceless Gifts Of Givings

IWE's Penny - Helps Initiates Consults And Determines Needed Fees                                        

IWE's Nickel - Helps Note True Gains That Can And Need To Be Made                                

IWE's Dime - Helps Stay Clear Of Crimes Just In The Space In Time                                    

IWE's Quarter - Helps Out In All Places So That Knowledge Is Not Wasted                            

IWE's Half Dollar - Helps Uplift All Of Mankind With My Insights And Visions                       

IWE's Honest Abe Dollar - Helps Towards Preserving World Securities & Trusts                          

IWE's Peace Dollar - Helps Sustain Life, Love, Faith, Health,Prosperity & Peace                       
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Coins Of Consultations
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Coins Of Consultations
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I Always Like Farewells
To Turn Into Greetings
Of A New Hello!
One Of Life's Saddest Tragedies Is
For Children, Mothers, Fathers, Siblings Or Any Others
Being Forced To Leave
While Having All Taken By Thieves
Without The Chance To Tell Their Families
Bye..... Bye.....!

IWE's Coins Of Consultations & Companies
Can Make Everybody Happy!
If You Need A Writer Or Consultant Than Hire IWE
Please No Exploiting Of Anything From IWE & Me
IWE's True Heart & Intentions Are What Makes
IWE The Best Choice For Goodness Sakes!
IWE Will Assess & Advice
How To Prevent Or Correct Mistakes
And Suggest How To Promote, Plan, Implement,
Maintain, And Update

With Love Always,
Linda Maroulis
Lalasamayi Shanti Govardhanaji devi dasi

All My Visions, Ideas, Dreams, Discoveries And Theories
Are Property Of IWE & Me!
©International WaterWay Enterprizes LLC
All Rights Reserved Eternally!
With Love Always
Coins Of Consultations
©International WaterWay Enterprizes LLC
All Rights Reserved Eternally!
IWE's Coins Of Consultations